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Wedding Ceremony

RajKamal Banquets, as a wedding venue is an integral part of the wedding preparations. The wedding venue reflects a lot about your wedding theme and how lavishly are you celebrating on the occasion of your marriage. Hence the venue for the wedding must indeed be chosen with utmost thought and care.

A wedding venue has to be chosen depending upon the approximate number of guests that you expect on your wedding. Also, as during the wedding season, there is so much rush, it is always advisable to book the venue weeks in advance. Usually banquet halls serve as great as ideal wedding venues. The Banquet Halls of RajKamal are smartly aligned to create multiple halls of varying sizes which interconnect as per your requirement.

So leave all your booking worries to us. We would take up all responsibility of arranging the ideal wedding for your dream marriage. Apart, from the wedding itself, we also cater to booking venues for receptions and other pre wedding functions as well.

For Booking call us at +91 9643444031, 9899365636 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.